‘Elemental’: Release Date, Powerful Plot, Telling Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming Pixar Film (2024)

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Disney and Pixar are gearing up to once again take us on a journey of the heart, mind, and soul in order to learn more about ourselves, each other, and our world through fantastical universes and adorable animated characters. Since bringing us Inside Out in 2015 audiences have come to expect groundbreaking tales of self-love, courage, empathy, and following your dreams that make enormous impacts on audiences of all ages. The studio's newest project, Elemental, seeks to continue making that impact with a story of finding common ground despite our differences. This heartwarming story is sure to make you feel all toasty inside as the characters look to turn their differences into water under the bridge, even if it means stirring things up and getting into a bit of hot water.

Editor's Note: This piece was last updated on June 2, 2023, to include new footage.

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Does Elemental Have a Trailer?

Dreamy, sweet, and definitely silly, the Elemental teaser trailer introduces viewers to the four different kinds of residents that reside in the Element City, along with its two main characters, Ember and Wade. Puffs of air, lumps of land, drops of water, and fiery flames board a bustling train in the minute-long preview that also introduces some of the physics of this new universe. The air-beings can float around and even sit upside-down on the train's ceiling. A water-being drops her lipstick when the train hits a bump, and the product lands inside of her, floating around her head. She may need to visit the filter station that the train passes by in order to get it removed. A land-being smiles at the newly sprouted grass atop his head and Ember is injured when Wade accidentally drips water onto her hand.

The full official trailer for Elemental was released online by Pixar on March 28, 2023. The trailer reveals much more of what to expect from the plot of the film as we see both Ember and Wade's relationships with their respective parents as well as introducing each other to their families. The trailer also showcases a more stylized animation style than what we are used to with Pixar and how they maneuver around Element City.

Pixar released the clip titled "Living the Dream" where we're introduced to Fern. The short clip showcases the dynamic between Ember and Wade as they play off of the extremely dull, Fern.

The second clip sees Wade meeting Ember's father. We know that water and fire don't mix, and we see why. Wade does his best to blend with the Fire people but of course, things don't always work out.

When Will Elemental Be Released?

Elemental will arrive in the heat of the summer movie season with its release scheduled to land on Father’s Day weekend, June 16th, 2023. This date will have the film opening up against the DC superhero blockbuster The Flash from Warner Bros, Wes Anderson's star-studded comedy Asteroid City from Focus Features, and the horror-comedy The Blackening from Lionsgate.

Will Elemental Be in Theaters?

‘Elemental’: Release Date, Powerful Plot, Telling Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming Pixar Film (2)

Elemental, like Lightyear before it, will be released only in theaters. Disney previously allowed early viewing of its feature films through their Disney+ Premiere Access option, which cost an additional $30 per film on top of the audience monthly subscription, but as many films are returning to the cinema Disney has ditched the straight-to-streaming system.

Will You Be Able to Stream Elemental?

Once Elemental is made available to stream, it will likely only be available on Disney+. The studio tends to have its feature films run in theaters for around 45 to 90 days before making them available for digital purchase or streaming.

What Will Elemental Be About?

‘Elemental’: Release Date, Powerful Plot, Telling Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming Pixar Film (3)

The official film synopsis is as follows:

The film journeys alongside an unlikely pair, Ember and Wade, in a city where fire-, water-, land- and air-residents live together. The fiery young woman and the go-with-the-flow guy are about to discover something elemental: how much they actually have in common.

Ember and Wade live in a bustling bayside city connected by bridges. Many of the residents live in towering skyscrapers designed for their specific elements. The land-beings buildings are covered in lush greenery, where its earthy residents grow and take care of their sprouts; water-beings are able to travel via water slide, and windmills power the homes of air-beings. It appears though, that the fire-beings live on the other side of the bridge, in low buildings, each adorned with a chimney billowing smoke out of the small, cozy homes. Why do the fire-beings live separately from the others? Perhaps to keep the air-beings from evaporating, or to keep the land-beings many trees and plants from getting burned, or to keep the water-beings from accidentally putting out their flames. In the trailer, we aren’t only introduced to the elements but to how they interact with one another, which gives insight to the film's possible plot. A water-being sneezes and as a result, a land-being’s grass grows; an air-being excitedly smells the flowers growing from a land-beings armpit, though another land-being with a wooden nose warily pulls her child away from the smoldering Ember as she passes by. Similarly, when she passes by an air-being, a portion of his head evaporates, then reappears once she is gone. And, when water drips from Wade's hand as he attempts to help Ember pick up her fallen headphones, her hand sizzles and in a twinge of pain she says “Ow.” It is also of note that Ember, the only fire-being on the train, appears to be wearing a coat made of heat-resistant material, possibly required in order to protect her fellow Element City residents from her powerful heat. Ember’s struggle to navigate the city and have relationships with its residents appears to be what will drive the film's plot.

With the phrase “opposites react”, a play on the saying “opposites attract”, showing on screen after the two main characters meet, many viewers are wondering if Elemental will have a romantic element and if the tall drink of water will catch feelings for this new flame. We will have to wait and see if things get a little (PG-rated) steamy between the two as they attempt to create meaningful change in their city.

Who Is in the Voice Cast of Elemental?

Wade Ripple is voiced by Mamoudou Athie. Wade is said to be a go-with-the-flow guy. Not one for making waves, he seems a little uncomfortable when he and Ember begin to stir things up in the Elemental world.

Elemental will be Mamoudou Athie’s first-ever voice acting role, though audiences may recognize him as Ramsay Cole in the 2022 film Jurassic World: Dominion, or as the curious VHS enthusiast in the Netflix thriller series Archive 81.

Ember Lumen will be voiced by Leah Lewis. Ember is quite the firecracker. From the rooftop of her home on what appears to be a fire island, she looks longingly at the bustling, high-tech city across the bridge, dreaming of a world that she doesn’t have to navigate in fear.

Leah Lewis is known for her portrayal of the educated romantic underdog Ellie Chu in the Netflix drama The Half of It, as well as her recurring role as Georgia ‘George’ Fan in the Nancy Drew series. Elemental will be Lewis’ first-ever voice acting role as well, though she is already working on her next. Lewis will be voicing a character named Räv in the upcoming animated adventure film The Tiger’s Apprentice, which features an almost entirely Asian/Pacific Islander cast, including Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh and Crazy Rich AsiansHenry Golding.

Alongside the full trailer, Pixar revealed who else will be joining Athie and Lewis in the film. Ronnie del Carmen (Soul) will voice Ember's father Bernie, Shila Ommi (Tehran) will voice Ember's mother Cinder, Wendi McLendon-Covey (The Goldbergs) will voice Wade's boss Gale, Catherine O'Hara (Schitt's Creek) will voice Wade's mother Brook, newcomer Mason Wertheimer will voice Ember's neighbor Clod, and Joe Pera (Joe Pera Talks with You) will voice Fern, who is described as an "overgrown city bureaucrat."

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Who is Making Elemental?

This Disney-Pixar film will be directed by Peter Sohn, who first joined Pixar Studios in 2000. This is his first credited directing role, though he is known for his work in the studio's art department on films such as Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, and for voicing characters in Lightyear and Luca. Pete Doctor, writer for Inside Out, Up, Soul, and Wall-E has taken on the role of executive producer, alongside producer Denise Ream, who is known for her work on Up, Cars 2, and Toy Story 4. Fans of these films are excited to see the impacts the producers will have on the Elemental screenplay, which was written by Brenda Hsueh. Hsueh is known for producing and writing for adult comedy series such as How I Met Your Mother and Truth Be Told, though she has previously had input on a powerful coming-of-age Disney Pixar project, consulting for the director of Turning Red, Domee Shi.

‘Elemental’: Release Date, Powerful Plot, Telling Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming Pixar Film (2024)


Why was Elemental a flop? ›

Worse still for the consistently experimental and technologically innovative animation studio, the reviews for Elemental were decidedly middling to unkind: “dull-witted and syrupy” (Deadline); “the story beats are overly familiar” (Los Angeles Times); “The movie looks good … but its undercooked concept is a problem” ( ...

Why is Elemental getting bad reviews? ›

Elemental has several obvious glaring problems. For one thing, the attempt to make the elements' differences an overt metaphor for race/culture is shallow and misplaced at best most of the time. The story's themes and plot itself are about as worn-out and tired as the art of the story itself.

Is Elemental LGBTQ? ›

Alongside the aforementioned praises, Elemental has earned acclaim from LGBTQ+ viewers due to the film featuring the studio's first non-binary character Lake Ripple – who is Wade's younger sibling.

Is Elemental a good movie for kids? ›

Why this film gets a 13+ rating is it features a same sex couple in a pivitol scene as well as a non-binary character. I don't believe children under 13 need to be exposed to this. Additionally, the film has too many almost swear words moments and mean language. This is very typical of modern Disney movies nowadays.

What was the biggest Pixar flop? ›

An opposites-attract love story and parable about following your dreams, “Elemental” arrived to $29.6 million in domestic ticket sales in June — the worst opening in Pixar history, by a mile. Little by little, however, the $200 million film became a hit, collecting nearly $500 million worldwide.

Is Elemental like zootopia? ›

Even before it was released, Pixar's Elemental drew comparisons to Disney's Zootopia, and it's not hard to see why. Both movies act as allegories for discrimination, with opposing groups represented in a family-friendly way. In Zootopia's case, anthropomorphic animals are divided along the predator vs. prey line.

Is the movie Elemental ok for Christians? ›

The woke, occult content in ELEMENTAL is gratuitous. It adds nothing to the story and will annoy many family moviegoers who don't want their children exposed to such content. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.

What's woke about Elemental? ›

Elemental is the perfect metaphor for Leftist views of diversity. Here you have a mostly peaceful and cohesive society filled with a diverse group of people from completely different backgrounds and cultures.

Who is the villain in Elemental? ›

Bùrdì "Bernie" Lumen is the main antagonist of Disney/Pixar's 27th full-Length animated feature film Elemental. He is the father of Ember Lumen and founder of the store "the Fireplace".

Does Elemental have cuss words? ›

No profane words. There's an allusion to profanity, per Screen Rant. Insults like “stupid” or “jerk” are used, according to Screen Rant.

Are there any Lgbtq characters in Disney? ›

Amity and Luz represent Disney's first animated LGBT+ female regular characters. The series also featured Raine Whispers, who goes by they/them pronouns and is voiced by transgender and non-binary actor Avi Roque, and is Disney's first non-binary character.

Are there LGBT characters in Jojo? ›

Part 1/3: DIO was confirmed by Araki to be canonically bisexual, and as such is the first LGBT character in the series. Part 5: Sorbet and Gelato were a gay couple and were alluded to by other characters as gay a few times, they are the 2nd and 3rd characters to be canonically LGBT.

Will Elemental make me cry? ›

Elemental, A Fun Tale About Acceptance That Will Make You Cry.

Is there kissing in Elemental? ›

Elemental — Pixar's 27th film, and the first to feature star-crossed lovers that literally become steamy when they kiss — forces you to answer a lot of questions right off the bat.

Why don't parents like Elemental? ›

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Elemental has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under 5 years. For example: Ember gets deeply enraged on several occasions and explodes with fury, often setting things on fire. Her anger and ferocity may upset some very young viewers.

Did Disney lose money on Elemental? ›

However, thanks to positive word of mouth, the movie only dropped small percentages each weekend and stayed in theaters for almost two months. As a result, Elemental made a profit after its box office comeback. It boasts a total worldwide gross of $425 million. Even still, Disney still needs to do better.

How much did Elemental need to break even? ›

Elemental had a production budget of $200 million and likely a marketing budget of $100 million more, so considering the studios only get a part of the total box office as they have to share the earning with the theaters. So the $200 million film would need around $450 million to break even and start making a profit.

Why are Pixar movies flopping? ›

Summary. Pixar movies' box office performance can be affected by factors like poor release dates, underwhelming marketing, and the impact of streaming. Pixar's success lies in its ability to create stories that appeal to both children and adults, dealing with mature themes in a relatable way.

What Pixar movie made the least money? ›

The 10 Lowest-Grossing Pixar Movies
  • 8 'Cars 3' (2017)
  • 7 'A Bug's Life' (1998)
  • 6 'The Good Dinosaur' (2015)
  • 5 'Lightyear' (2022)
  • 4 'Onward' (2020)
  • 3 'Soul' (2020)
  • 2 'Luca' (2021)
  • 1 'Turning Red' (2022) - $21.5 million.
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