Jimmy Swaggart Singers and Their Net Worth (2024)

Jimmy Swaggart singers include Joseph Larson, BJ Cupp, Pedro Gasc, Robin Herd, Kim Coleman, Tara Montpetit, Grace Brumley, Randy Knaps, and Jill Swaggart. They have been active in Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministries for many years and released lots of songs, and as such, they have amassed significant net worths.

Jimmy Swaggart singers have been active in the ministry for many years and have released over 50 gospel songs. Irrespective of the fame they have garnered as a group, they maintain a low profile, and as such, their net worth is unknown. Read on to learn more about Jimmy Swaggart singers and their net worth.

Jimmy Swaggart singers have worked with the ministry for several years and have their solo music careers. Though they have not disclosed the amount they earn, they must have accrued a considerable net worth with their music career and other endeavors. Here is a rundown of Jimmy Swaggart singers and their net worth.

1. Joseph Larson

  • Date of Birth: August 10, 1993
  • Age: 30 years old as of 2024
  • Part: Tenor
  • Net Worth: Over $3 million

Joseph Larson is one of Jimmy Swaggart’s singers who sings the tenor voice part. The singer also doubles as a preacher and evangelist, having graduated from Family Christian Academy and World Evangelism College. While he is not performing or preaching in his church, he travels to various parts of the world to spread the gospel.

Aside from performing for Jimmy Swaggart’s music group, he has a solo music career, as he has written and released some songs like It Is My Desire, ‘Till The Storm Passes By, and The Blood Is Still There. Though he did not reveal his exact net worth, with his endeavors, he is worth over $3 million and will amass more in the future as he is still active in the ministry.

Meanwhile, Joseph Larson was born to Christian parents on August 10, 1993, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was born to Loren Larson, a pastor, and Hannah Thomas Larson, who raised him in a firm Christian background alongside his siblings. Joseph Larson is currently married to Mary Stack, with whom he has welcomed four children.

2.BJ Cupp

  • Part: Music Department Secretary

BJ Cupp is a member of Jimmy Swaggart’s singers and works as the music department secretary. The music department secretary maintains a low profile, so there is no information about his background. This includes details of his date, month, and year of birth. Details like who his parents and siblings are and what they do for a living are not known. Other information regarding the schools that BJ Cupp attended and his highest education level is also scarce.

Based on the fact that BJ Cupp maintains a low profile, it is unknown if he sings any voice parts or holds any other posts in the church. Since he keeps away from the public, there are no credible details about his salary or net worth at the moment. However, the ministry pays its workers between $65,347 and $83,966, depending on job roles, locations, individual skills, departments, and educational backgrounds. Following the payment schedule of the church, BJ Cupp is expected to earn a decent amount following his job position and have accumulated a reasonable net worth.

3. Pedro Gasc

  • Part: Choir director

Pedro Gasc is one of Jimmy Swaggart’s singers whose job designation in the group is choir director. Despite his role in the church’s music group, he lives a life away from the limelight, and as such, details about his date, month, and year of birth are scarce. Information about his parents and siblings, as well as what they are up to now, is unknown.

Since Pedro Gasc is a private person, it is unknown if he holds any other sensitive position in the church or if he has any other engagements through which he earns. Meanwhile, there is no credible information regarding his monthly earnings or net worth as of 2024. However, based on available information, workers within the ministry earn $65,347 to $83,966, which is determined by departments, individual skills, job roles, locations, and educational backgrounds. Pedro Gasc is expected to bag a reasonable sum following his role as choir director.

4. Robin Herd

  • Part: Tenor and music director

Robin Herd is a member of the Jimmy Swaggart Singers who sings the tenor voice part and serves as the music director. The tenor singer has had a wealth of experience singing with the Jimmy Swaggart music group for years, yet he lives away from the limelight. Robin Herd’s age at the moment is unknown, as he has not mentioned his date, month, and year of birth to the public. Other information about his family and educational history is not known.

Other than his music performances with Jimmy Swaggart’s music group, he has some albums to his name, including What a Lovely Name, Going Home, Come Home, He Touched Me, Oh What a Savior, I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone, and more. There is no credible information on whether the singer has other sources through which his net worth accrues other than his singing career.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry holds its workers in high esteem and, as such, does not disclose their financial earnings to the public. Despite holding a sensitive position in the music group, Robin Herd’s salary or net worth has not been mentioned to the public. Following his years of service as a high-profile singer in Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry, he must have amassed a huge sum and accrued a reasonable net worth. He also earns from live performances and some streaming platforms where his songs are available.

5.Kim Coleman

  • Part: Soprano

Kim Coleman is one of Jimmy Swaggart’s singers and sings the soprano voice part. Though when she joined Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry as a singer was not revealed, she has been with them for some years. Meanwhile, just like some of her co-singers, she maintains a low profile; as such, nothing is known about her month, date, or year of birth. All that is known is that she was born to Jerry Smith, but her mother’s name is not known.

Kim Coleman’s singing talent has its roots traced back to her grandmother, who played the piano and sang with a group before forming a trio with Jerry and his sister. The singer’s father also formed a music group with her and her brother, Kevin, and cousin, Keith. Meanwhile, it is not known if the group still exists or is still performing at the moment.

Though it is unclear if she has any other job designation in Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry, she has a solo music career and has released several successful songs and albums. Some of her albums include Precious Lord, Take My Hand, His Name is Jesus, This Could Be The Day, and more. As much as Kim Coleman’s exact net worth is not known, with her music career, she is sure to have a substantial amount. The singer earns from live shows and some music streaming platforms like Spotify.

6. Tara Montpetit

  • Date of Birth: May 10, 1981
  • Age: 43 years old as of 2024
  • Part: Soprano
  • Net Worth: Over $400,000

Tara Montpetit is a singer at Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministry who is known for singing the soprano voice part. She has credits to some songs like What a Mighty God We Serve, He Has Made Me Glad, He’s The Lion and The Lamb, and more. Her music career has spanned many years and counting, though she did not disclose when she kicked off.

The singer is a skincare consultant and has roots in other businesses outside her singing career. Whenever she is off the stage and not performing, she gives skincare and fitness advice to her clients. She works with the Mary Kay beauty brands First Fitness and Young Living. Though Tara Montpetit did not disclose her exact net worth, she is worth over $400,000 with all her engagements.

Meanwhile, Tara Montpetit was born on May 10, 1981, in Pembroke Township, Illinois, to Lollie Pitchlyn and Perry, an army veteran and adjunct instructor at Kankakee Community College. She later relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when she came of age and began working with the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry as a singer. The singer got married to her heartthrob, Joseph Montpetit, in 2004 after welcoming two children with him. At the moment, she is a proud mother of four children whom she is raising in a firm Christian faith with her husband.

7.Grace Brumley

  • Date of Birth: December 1, 1991
  • Age: 32 years old as of 2024
  • Part: Alto

Grace Brumley is a member of the Jimmy Swaggart Singers who sings the alto voice part. She is also one of the key singers at the youth division of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry, known as Crossfire Youth Ministries. Her devotion to God’s work is evident in her contribution to the Family Christian Academy, a home education program that includes Christian teachings as a teacher.

Grace Brumley does not only perform as a singer in church but also has a solo music career, as she has released some songs like Your Cries Have Awoken The Master, Waymaker, Hear My Heart, and more. She also promotes a fitness brand, First Fitness, where she is registered as a distributor of their weight loss, wellness, and nutrition products. Grace Brumley is also not left out of the league of those who have kept their net worth off the radar.

However, following the fact that she goes on live performances, has her music on streaming platforms, and has other engagements, she must have accrued a considerable net worth.On the other hand, Grace Brumley was born on December 1, 1991, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

She was born to Hannah Thomas Larson, a pastor at Jimmy Swaggart ministries, and Loren Larson, the president of World Evangelism Bible College. She grew up alongside her older sister, Joy, and younger brother, Joseph Larson. Grace attended the World Evangelism Bible College, where she had her Christian grooming. She married Skyler Brumley in February 2015 and has welcomed two children they are raising to love and embrace the things of God.

8. Randy Knaps

  • Date of Birth: 1957
  • Age: 67 years old as of 2024
  • Part: Tenor

Randy Knaps sings the tenor voice part in the Jimmy Swaggart ministry. The singer, who began performing for the Jimmy Swaggart ministry in 2006, has been with them for 18 years and counting. He has had a wealth of experience in music since he began singing in 1984 and has recorded success in it. He has a solo music career and has released over 20 songs, including Precious Lord, Take My Hand, If That Mountain Don’t Move, How Great Thou Art, and more.

Aside from his career as a professional singer, he is a voice actor and also owns Media Scope, a turnkey broadcast production. Meanwhile, nothing is known about his salary or net worth, as he has kept it under wraps. Following his years of experience in his music career, his acting career, music streaming platforms, live performances, and other ventures, it is believed that he has amassed an ample amount.

Going through a background check, Randy Knaps was born in 1957 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He was born to Leroy Raymond Knaps and Katy Knaps, who raised him alongside his four siblings in the United States. The singer attended Baker High School before moving on to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and then to Lousiana State University, where he graduated with a degree in education and music. He is married to Caroline Russell Knaps, with whom he welcomed three children.

9. Jill Swaggart

  • Date of Birth:October 13, 1986
  • Age: 37 years old as of 2024
  • Part: Alto
  • Net Worth: Over $1 million

Jill Swaggart is an alto voice singer at the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry. The singer also doubles as an associate pastor at the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States, a Jimmy Swaggart Ministry home church. She began working in the ministry years ago and impacted with music and helped young people keep up with spirituality as they submit, obey, and follow Christ.

Jill has a solo career and has a song credited to her name titled Jesus is Alive and Well. Her net worth is estimated to be above $1 million, as she earns from her jobs in the ministry. Aside from her work in the ministry, she is also a professional writer and editor, though her work is scarce.

Meanwhile, Christina Jill Richards was born on October 13, 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States. Information about the names of her parents and siblings and what they do for a living is not known. She graduated with a degree in public relations, but further details about the names and locations of the schools that she attended are scarce. Jill Swaggart is married to Gabriel Swaggart, a pastor at the Family Worship Center, and has welcomed three children.

Jimmy Swaggart Singers and Their Net Worth (2024)


What are the salaries at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries? ›

View salary at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries by Job Title BETA
Director of Quality$162,010 - $204,356$183,183
Pressroom Helper$35,433 - $45,909$40,671
Mailing Machine Operator - Swing Shift$44,613 - $58,988$51,800
Offset Pressman$49,183 - $64,413$56,798
4 more rows

How many records did Jimmy Swaggart sell? ›

Reverend Swaggart has recorded over 50 Gospel Albums, with approximately 15 million Recordings sold worldwide.

How big is Donnie Swaggart's house? ›

The three houses involved in the purchase agreement consist of Jimmy and Frances Swaggart's stately 10,000-square-foot home; the 8,000- square-foot home where son Donnie and daughter-in-law Debbie Swaggart live with their three children; and a 4,372-square-foot residence formerly occupied by Frances' brother, Bob ...

Is Kim Coleman still married to Mark Coleman? ›

Who is Kim Coleman's husband? The singer is married to Mark Coleman. He was a musician at Jimmy Swaggert's ministry, where he played the piano or Organ.

Who owns the SBN network? ›

In 2010, after fifty-five years of full-time ministry, Reverend Swaggart launched the SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN), owned and operated by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

What is the seating capacity of Jimmy Swaggart's church? ›

On a recent Sunday, his 7,000-seat Family Worship Center was two-thirds empty as Swaggart started his pitch.

What denomination is Donnie Swaggart? ›

| Pentecostal to the core and a 5th generation preacher |

Who is Jimmy Swaggart's sister? ›

He also had a sister, Jeanette Ensminger (1942–1999).

Who are the pastors at SBN? ›

  • JIMMY & FRANCES SWAGGART. Evangelist/Founder/Senior Pastor.
  • DONNIE & DEBBIE SWAGGART. Co-Pastor / Co-Founder.
  • GABRIEL & JILL SWAGGART. Pastor / JSBC President.
  • LOREN LARSON. Associate Pastor.
  • MIKE MUZZERALL. Associate Pastor.
  • JIM NATIONS. Associate Pastor.
  • DAVID SMITH. Associate Pastor.
  • DALE USEY. Associate Pastor.

Does Gabriel Swaggart have a degree? ›

Gabriel Swaggart, M.A., B.S.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries, both from Oral Roberts University.

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