MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (2024)


  • My Adventures with Superman #1 continues the charm, humor, and action of the animated series for fans to enjoy.
  • The tie-in comic delves into a mysterious new threat in Metropolis, keeping readers captivated with Superman's adventures.
  • Fans of the show will appreciate the fun and action-packed moments in this comic, styled to match the beloved animated series.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Adventures with Superman #1!Fans of My Adventures with Superman should pay attention because DC Comics has just debuted a must-read spin-off series to the animated show. Every bit of the Adult Swim show's charm, humor, and action is still here in this amazing tie-in series.

Set just before the currently airing second season, My Adventures with Superman #1 takes readers back to the end of season one. Between Parasite's attack on Metropolis and General Sam Lane's attempt to kill Superman, things are weighing heavily on him and Lois Lane. But when a new threat emerges, the Man of Steel is drawn into a mystery sure to captivate fans of the animated series.

My Adventures with Superman #1 is a Solid Addition to the Show

In My Adventures with Superman #1 by Josie Campbell, Pablo M. Collar, Nick Filardi, and Lucas Gattoni, it’s the holiday season and Clark reflects on it while helping repair the damage from Parasite’s attack. Unfortunately for Clark, he’s spending Christmas away from his family while his parents fix the damage from Thanksgiving. But Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are there for Clark and are committed to making the holiday perfect for him. However, unbeknownst to Superman, something is in Metropolis and its destabilizing buildings, including the Daily Planet.

Clark’s strange opponent absorbs Superman’s strength and begins fighting with even greater force.

Superman, Lois, and Jimmy track the unknown figure into the sewers. After a bit of walking, Superman’s super hearing picks up strange sounds from the far end of the tunnels. Clark tracks down the source of the sound and is ambushed by a humanoid that Superman mistakes for Anthony Ivo, aka Parasite. Clark’s strange opponent absorbs Superman’s strength and begins fighting with even greater force. Superman implores whoever’s inside Ivo’s tech to take the suit off, only to discover that there isn’t a human inside the armor.

Superman’s fight is interrupted by the United States Military. Clark is able to restrain the automaton long enough for it to utter the words “Please, Superman. Save me.”. However, the armor is retrieved by a soldier named DuBois, who tells Superman that it's just a prototype mech-suit and nothing Superman should be concerned about. From a distance, Amanda Waller’s enforcer Slade Wilson recognizes DuBois and relays that Checkmate is trying to phase Waller out. Clark reunites with Jimmy and Lois as the armor is carried away as Superman reveals he fears he’s just made a huge mistake.

My Adventures with Superman #1 Builds on Season One's Epic Story

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (1)

My Adventures with Superman premiered on Adult Swim in Summer of 2023. The series reimagines the earliest days of the Man of Steel's career in a modern-day setting. In the first season, Clark worked at the Daily Planet as an intern along with his friend Jimmy Olsen and the hyper-ambitious Lois Lane. Superman was still getting a hang of his powers, but he decided to reveal himself to the world when Metropolis became the target of numerous attacks by villains with extremely advanced technology.

My Adventures with Superman's second season is currently airing on Adult Swim, Saturdays at 12am!

Over the course of the first season, Superman found himself facing off with several tech-based antagonists such as Livewire, Intergang (led by Silver Banshee), and Parasite. At the same time, Lois was determined to uncover the truth behind the mysterious Superman and her investigation eventually led her to discover that her romantic interest Clark was the Man of Tomorrow all along. Superman came clean to both Lois and Jimmy, though it wound up bringing the trio closer than ever. Unfortunately, there were dark days ahead for the team.

Determined to end the threat he believed Superman to be, Lois Lane’s father, General Sam Lane, orchestrated a series of events to take the Man of Steel down. Things reached a boiling point at Thanksgiving on the Kent Farm when an invasion was triggered after Clark was exposed to kryptonite. Superman managed to save the day, but he was incredibly weakened by the events, giving Sam a chance to end Clark’s life. Lois pleaded with her father, causing Sam to back off and spare Superman.

My Adventures with Superman #1 is Just as Fun and Action-Packed as the Animated Series

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (2)

Josie Campbell’s experience on My Adventures with Superman as a showrunner and writer works in this first issue’s favor. Aside from the fact that the issue does extremely well building on season one’s finale, there are so many little moments that embody the whimsy that fans fell in love with. Whether it's a visual gag about Jimmy’s fiscal solvency or Lois cracking wise about the team’s tendency to wind up in sewers, the issue is chock-full of amazing character moments My Adventures with Superman fans are sure to appreciate.

...those who have done their homework and are desperate for more from this world will absolutely love this book.

Pablo M. Collar does an amazing job of capturing the show’s art style and he demonstrates an amazing range throughout the first issue. His characters are expressive and lively, aiding the more comedic moments. But the more serious panels, such as Lois reflecting on her father’s misdeeds towards Superman, really enhance the book's emotional weight. Nick Filardi’s colors well with Collar’s artwork, especially during the story’s big fight scene when Ivo’s strange invention copies Superman’s abilities mid-battle.

The story isn’t a difficult read by any means, but it’s definitely geared more toward fans than casual readers. As a tie-in comic, the book demands familiarity with My Adventures with Superman and it will spoil the first season for those who aren’t prepared. But those who have done their homework and are desperate for more from this world will absolutely love this book. Fans who appreciate My Adventures with Superman’s wholesomeness, comedy, and action will find all of that in this delightful story.

My Adventures with Superman #1 is the Perfect Complimentary Story

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (3)

Viewers fell in love with My Adventures with Superman because it’s a fun adventure series that gets the Man of Steel right. Everything that works about the animated series works just as well here in this series’ first issue. The only thing it really lacks is the amazing voice actors that bring the cartoon to life. But the creative team’s passion is felt on every page and anyone who loves the My Adventures with Superman world isn’t going to be disappointed by this stellar debut issue.

My Adventures with Superman #1 is available from DC Comics.

My Adventures with Superman #1 (2024)

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (4)
  • Writer: Josie Campbell
  • Artist: Pablo M. Collar
  • Colorist: Nick Filardi
  • Letterer: Lucas Gatton
  • Cover Artist: Carli Squitieri
MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (5)
My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures with Superman is an animated action-adventure superhero series that follows the Man of Steel in an all-new origin story. Focusing on the light-hearted side of DC's hero, the series follows Clark Kent's journey of self-discovery of what it means to be a hero while trying to blend in with society. With his best friend and his crush, Lois Lane, the trio will strike out to cover the most significant stories - all while trying to keep the city of Metropolis safe from giant robots and super-powered villains.

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN #1 is a Must-Read for Animated Series’ Fans (Review) (2024)


Is My Adventures with Superman for adults? ›

Parents need to know that My Adventures with Superman is a family-friendly animated series about a young Superman (voiced by Jack Quaid).

Was My Adventures with Superman a success? ›

The show's success is attributed to its modernized take on Clark, along with the dynamic between Lois and Jimmy. Despite DC live-action offerings, My Adventures with Superman stands out with its unique animation style and character development.

Will Batman appear in My Adventures with Superman? ›

The fact that the show's creators are having regular discussions with James Gunn and Peter Safran bodes well for future seasons beyond the upcoming second season, however, even better news is that “My Adventures With Superman” will not be introducing the Dark Knight into this Superman's world any time soon… and for ...

Why was Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman canceled? ›

The series had weakened in its Sunday 8:00 timeslot and had been shifted to 7:00 in January, and finally a last-ditch move to Saturdays in the spring. The ratings dropped even further, and the show finished its last season at 104th place. ABC made up for its commitment with Warner Bros.

What race is Lois Lane in My Adventures with Superman? ›

This Lois Lane is the first incarnation to be of a different heritage, being Korean-American. Later confirmed to be a full blooded Korean rather than mixed, as mentioned by her father in Two Lanes Diverged.

Is there any LGBTQ in My Adventures with Superman? ›

Character Information

Brain is a gay character from My Adventures with Superman.

How old is Clark Kent in My Adventures with Superman? ›

Furthermore, “My Adventures with Superman” does well in making the characters relatable. Unlike in most other shows involving Superman, he is made out to be in his early 20s which makes Superman a lot more relatable for college-age people than him normally being in his 30s or 40s, even if he does not age much.

Is My Adventures with Superman ok for kids? ›

However, its TV-PG age rating does mean that parental guidance is advised and that the show may contain material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. My Adventures With Superman's TV-PG rating puts it above the more common TV-Y7, which is the label for a show aimed at children aged seven or under.

What happened to the original Lois Lane on The Adventures of Superman? ›

Phyllis Coates, who played the reporter Lois Lane, one of the most enduring characters in popular culture, in a theatrical film and the first season of the popular “Adventures of Superman” television series, died on Wednesday in Woodland Hills, Calif. She was 96.

How old is Superman in Superman 1? ›

Most summaries say that Clark is 3 years old when he lands on Earth, 18 when he leaves Smallville, and he trains for 12 years to become Superman, making him 30.

Are any of the cast of The Adventures of Superman still alive? ›

With the death of Noel Neill on July 3, 2016, Coates became the last surviving regular cast member from the Adventures of Superman TV series until her own death on October 11, 2023.

Is Brainiac in My Adventures with Superman? ›

Primus Brainiac is the main antagonist of My Adventures with Superman.

Is The Adventures of Superman canon? ›

Adventures of Superman (volume 2) was a ongoing comic book featuring Superman stories by many different creative teams. All the stories are intended to be "continuity free" and do not fit into the canon of any of the mainstream DC universes (Prime Earth, New Earth, Earth-One or Earth-Two).

Is Alex Lex Luthor my adventure with Superman? ›

Alexander Joseph Luthor, also known as Alex or Lex Luthor, is a major antagonist of the 2023 superhero cartoon series My Adventures with Superman.

Will My Adventures with Superman have a season two? ›

Season 2 of My Adventures with Superman premiered on Adult Swim on May 26, 2024.

Did Superman the animated series get Cancelled? ›

Following the events of the two part episode "Legacy", the story arc of the fourth season was meant to focus on Superman trying to regain the trust of the human race, but the series was discontinued after "Legacy".

How many seasons are there of My Adventures with Superman? ›

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