Why spend money on film school instead of buying equipment which I can point and shoot? Isn’t actual practice better than theoretical lessons?
In these exciting times of “multi-technologies” when visual storytellers and their entertainment audiences enjoy nearly limitless options to making and viewing significant human experiences, a much higher level of excellence in motion pictures is demanded by a more discriminating public, especially a paying public. For this reason, filmmakers are challenged to be better educated, better skilled, and better prepared for the variety of ways by which they can be appreciated.

A combination of BOTH academic formation AND field/practical training will provide a filmmaker very valuable advantage over those who rely on only academic or only practical experience

The best thing is that at MDAFI, you get an international-standard education at Philippine-peso tuition fees.

• When is a good time to go to film school, after high school or after college?
A college graduate, particularly one with a strong background in the arts and humanities has better chances of appreciating our BASIC and ADVANCED COURSES. A high school graduate will need to do extra homework on philosophy and art history.

• Is there a maximum age to enter MDAFI?
Filmmaking severely taxes one’s mental and physical stamina, which, as we know, varies from one individual to another.

We’ve had students in their late teens as well as students in their forties who decided to change careers in mid-life!  Both sets managed very well and think of themselves now as better persons through film school.

• Do you have travel and lodging facilities for students from outside Manila and for foreign students?
For students admitted in MDAFI, visa, travel and lodging arrangements may be facilitated by the Institute.  We can refer the students to a good number of options in the Quezon City, Marikina, Cainta, Antipolo and Pasig areas ranging from student budget inns and family homes to 5-star condominiums.

• Do students have to own their own filming equipment?
Not necessarily. The Institute may facilitate rental of technical equipment the students might need for their individual projects in the courses they are enrolled in. We have a network of friendly suppliers that are willing to give significant student discounts on their equipment, raw stocks, and other services.
• Can a working student manage go to film school at the same time?
We’ve had several working students who do just that. This is precisely why our principal classroom activities are concentrated on two days of the week, TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS 2pm-8pm.  Students may do their homework and group projects in their own time